Tuesday, 19 February 2013


I began reading 'Grace' the memoir of Grace Coddington a few days ago. And I haven't put it down since.
For a while I have been waiting to watch Diana Vreeland The Eye has to Travel. But up until now the time was not right.
There aren't really any words for the intriguing lives that these women have lived and I can feel the excitement bubbling up inside to begin trying to live a life like these idols of mine.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Off to Colorado

I am very excited about my trip to colorado over New Year. Sadly, I will be missing New Year with my friends but I really don't care as I will be in America and I have never been before.

Here are some pictures of the amazing Chalet Ptarmigan that I am staying at in Vail. It is a perfect place for me, as I am doing a photography project centred around water and so being surrounded by snow will just be very useful and skiing is one of my passions apart form the gear but I can get over that (just). 

Monday, 17 December 2012

Leather Luck

So today, I was in a leather mood and it turns out so was my little brother, he just looked so cute I had to take some photos of him.
I had an agonizing walk past all the shop fronts today, sadly I just had to keep on walking and I will do so until the sales in January.

Here are some photos.

I am wearing cheap monday high waisted jeans, deena and ozzy boots form urban outfitters, a zadig and voltaire leather mac, a necklace which I made from a key I found and one I picked up in el rastro in spain.

Sunday, 16 December 2012


After reading a specific article about Casey Legler becoming a male model I became rather interested in Androgyny.
So here are some pictures of my outfit today.

Here I am wearing, a MaxMara Jacket, All Saints Boots, M & S Polo Neck (very cheap and very useful) and a yellow necklace which I am not very sure how I came by.

I was also driving around in Edinburgh and I spotted this man, he wasn't rollerskating but he had these wheels attached to his feet, here are some quick snaps that I managed to catch of him.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Boots and Books

Last night watching Midnight in Paris whilst reading The Great Gatsby I found myself inspired I don't have any talent in that area. It was more an inspiration due to the surroundings. I find myself completely envious of the worlds in which these people occupy.

Anyway, I just wanted to update you on my latest purchase which is nothing to do with this new view of mine on this world.
They are a pair of new boots, as I love my boots, I tried to get a pair from Office- Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane Cut-Out Boots. These sadly went out of stock though, and so I tried to find another pair and I did.

This is the Auna Ankle Boot by Jeffrey Campbell for Free People. I am very excited about getting these for christmas as they are just what I need, a pair of boots that aren't messy like the rest of mine. I think the cut-out detail and the zips up the back really make the boot.
As I am not at school anymore it means I am able to post a lot more.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

love LOVE

Short but sweet interview with Mark Vessey.

Link- http://thelovemagazine.co.uk/main.php#!/posts/8543/Last_Chance_Collections

Covers of all eight issues. I love all the designs and I have them all. 

The Coat

Image from Fashion Squad, picture by Mattias Swenson

I absolutely adore the coats in these pictures. I personally own the one on the left. Done by Zara. It is perfect for the present trend of leather while still keeping warm. It is so popular I have seen about 5 people wearing it. The chunky zip details not seen in the picture also add to the coat. 

Sadly I do not have a picture of me in it as my camera is broken but hopefully it will be fixed soon.