Thursday, 15 December 2011

Leather + Lust

I have an attraction towards leather. A large attraction. I value it highly as a material. It is harsh yet can look so so sleek. As a child and a daughter, I look up to my mother, and always have. As I have grown older I have taken a larger likening to the way she dresses. Leather is one of her favourite things. I love her leather all saints jacket, I adore it so much. This christmas I hope to get one of my own, that's probably why I have been thinking about leather a lot recently probably. I also saw this photo shoot in esquire magazine with bikers in it and I just loved everything that they wore.
Anyway here are a few of my favourite finds online.....

Enrique (I just love this photo)
I guess I also associate leather with lust, there are so many films in which it is associated with this emotion. 
So I am going to try and find as much leather as I can, well try. 

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Leopard fever

After doing my art, having spent about a million hours spending time drawing and painting leopards, I have actually nearly got bored of it. But not quite, I still love the pattern.
So here are a few ways to wear leopard print this winter, and maybe some not so wintery but I love.

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Fred leopard-print calf hair brogues £635

EMMA COOK Oversized leopard-print silk top £270 

EQUIPMENT Signature leopard-print silk-chiffon shirt £250

EUGENIA KIM Janine leopard-print corduroy and rabbit earmuffs £125

TRULY MADLY DEEPLY animal cross tee £28.00

UNDERGROUND shoes leopard ponyskin creeper boots £145

YVES SAINT LAURENT Palais leopard-print calf hair pumps £550

Personally my favourite from these picks is the Equipment shirt, as though it has that leopard print it is hidden under that red which I just associate as such an autumn/winter colour. 


Monday, 5 December 2011


Today- windy, cold and terribly bleak. Waiting...waiting...waiting. Personally I am not a massive fan of snow, I mean I adore it when I am skiing and it is beautiful, but when I am stuck in this valley (at school) it just makes it even more miserable the thought that I might not be able to get out. Now, I have always been obsessed with Chanel of all the designers, Chanel Chanel Chanel. Sadly, I don't have all the money in the world otherwise I would have a wardrobe crammed full of the stuff. And I was thinking as I was busy thinking about the lack of snow, that when I had been scanning through the spring/summer 2012 lines for the designers how much I saw that was white. I know that it obviously isn't for this season, but I still couldn't help making the connection. So here are a few of my favourites of the Chanel, spring/summer 2012 line...
I love everything about it.


Saturday, 3 December 2011

Green Envy

The colour between blue and yellow in the spectrum, the colour of envy, yet it is one of the main colours that the earth sprouts. Healthy food is green (generally)... It may be that my eyes are kind of this colour or it is around christmas time and I seem to be seeing green everywhere, that I seem to be particularly attached to it. I am staring at my desk at the minute on a saturday afternoon when everyone at my school is doing sport or being lazy smoking on the hill outside, and meanwhile I am thinking, hmmm what is green on my desk?
Since green represents envy, I try to feel when I feel envy the most, I guess its usually with clothing, when I see something I like on someone and I wish I had it. If someone is envious of something that is mine and then they go and get the same thing as me, I should take it as a compliment, but somehow I manage not to let myself. Maybe I just haven't reached that moment yet, when I can truly see that someone is trying to be a small part of me, and surely that is a huge compliment.
Usually I would place pictures with this blog showing my engagement with green, but I don't want to place random splurges of green all over the page in a strange fashion where no one would understand what I am trying to say, so I will think I will stop here.
or maybe here.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Shadows In The Dark

A shadow, the mirror image of your body. Only light and you can affect your shadow directly. It is very personal. Now, a shadow doesn't need to be something dark, where evil lingers, its one of those things where in a scary movie someone might talk to their shadow as if it was another part of them.

Jeff Hicks- St Laurence Church

Well it isn't. A shadow can be interesting and you can change it. That's why photo's are so amazing they can capture these shadows.

Now, I tried to find images that weren't just shadows that weren't just there, like the endless amounts of people waving at grass with their shadow there and think that it is the most interesting photo ever. Because I feel that the most beautiful images captured of shadows, are the ones you don't know are being taken. Or ones that are just so simple.

Hussein Chalayan

'Shadows of the Children' Klaus Simon 
Now, I tried to take some photos of myself creating interesting shapes with my shadow but I just couldn't manage to get the shadow with flash or other lights affecting it. Therefore my sister (most beautiful being in the world) had taken some on holiday that I think really show what she is not like as a person, and that is why they are so contrasting. 

They imply that she is all showy and vain, but really she was just interested in getting the shadow and the shape of her body, I really like the cream wall against the tiles, these photos were taken this summer at our house in Portugal, and they bring back memories, memories and more memories.