Thursday, 20 December 2012

Off to Colorado

I am very excited about my trip to colorado over New Year. Sadly, I will be missing New Year with my friends but I really don't care as I will be in America and I have never been before.

Here are some pictures of the amazing Chalet Ptarmigan that I am staying at in Vail. It is a perfect place for me, as I am doing a photography project centred around water and so being surrounded by snow will just be very useful and skiing is one of my passions apart form the gear but I can get over that (just). 

Monday, 17 December 2012

Leather Luck

So today, I was in a leather mood and it turns out so was my little brother, he just looked so cute I had to take some photos of him.
I had an agonizing walk past all the shop fronts today, sadly I just had to keep on walking and I will do so until the sales in January.

Here are some photos.

I am wearing cheap monday high waisted jeans, deena and ozzy boots form urban outfitters, a zadig and voltaire leather mac, a necklace which I made from a key I found and one I picked up in el rastro in spain.

Sunday, 16 December 2012


After reading a specific article about Casey Legler becoming a male model I became rather interested in Androgyny.
So here are some pictures of my outfit today.

Here I am wearing, a MaxMara Jacket, All Saints Boots, M & S Polo Neck (very cheap and very useful) and a yellow necklace which I am not very sure how I came by.

I was also driving around in Edinburgh and I spotted this man, he wasn't rollerskating but he had these wheels attached to his feet, here are some quick snaps that I managed to catch of him.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Boots and Books

Last night watching Midnight in Paris whilst reading The Great Gatsby I found myself inspired I don't have any talent in that area. It was more an inspiration due to the surroundings. I find myself completely envious of the worlds in which these people occupy.

Anyway, I just wanted to update you on my latest purchase which is nothing to do with this new view of mine on this world.
They are a pair of new boots, as I love my boots, I tried to get a pair from Office- Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane Cut-Out Boots. These sadly went out of stock though, and so I tried to find another pair and I did.

This is the Auna Ankle Boot by Jeffrey Campbell for Free People. I am very excited about getting these for christmas as they are just what I need, a pair of boots that aren't messy like the rest of mine. I think the cut-out detail and the zips up the back really make the boot.
As I am not at school anymore it means I am able to post a lot more.