Friday, 30 March 2012


Although I do not have any clothing on that follows the trends, in this series of photos, I was stuck at school so this was the best I could do...

Hope you enjoy. By the way I am with my friends Lydia and Emily.

I (the mousy brown haired one in black) am wearing a old cardigan thing from topshop, cheap monday high waisted black jeans, cropped black poloneck from american apparel and converse.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Blogger's Wardrobe

I may be slightly deluded right now as I haven't really eaten anything but I have just come across and I am completely hooked. The brands are all intuitive and edgy. Exactly what I am looking for. I was browsing through and there was PILGRIM. I adore this jewellery brand and I have a few pieces from it myself. Including this lovely long pearl change with detachable charms. I prefer to just wrap the chain around my neck twice. I guess that is me trying to be slightly inventive. I thought I would just mention this website and tell anyone who is reading this that you should visit it, I am sure that you would be interested too.


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Spring Time

So obviously as everyone knows it is spring time. There are flowers everywhere and the sun seems to be that extra bit brighter than usual. So of course as per usual I have been looking through the internet finding those perfect things for this season. I am overwhelmed by floral patterns. I have never been a flowery person but every item of clothing with floral patterns seems to appeal to me now. I have also been wanting a pleated skirt for ages now, secretly. I found this amazing green one from threadsence which is perfect, I love the colour and the length. I have never been one of those girls who can wear mid length skirts, well at least not yet. Hopefully maybe I will be able to muster up the courage soon. So here are some of my favourite pieces that I have found. Hope you enjoy!

Silence and Noise Floral Block Tank
Same as above

Same as Left

Playful Bliss Crochet Skort

Dream Lover Shirt by Insight

Pins And Needles Floral Lace Back Shirt
Same as left

Threadsence- Spring Pleats Skirt
Same as left

Sorry the images are all in funny positions my computer was being slightly aggravating. 

Friday, 16 March 2012

need to do

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Finding Yourself

I never usually think of doing posts about me as a person. It is usually more centred around my love of clothes. But I have recently read two books that have had such a large effect on me. These are 'Many Lives, Many Masters' by Dr Brian Weiss and 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho. They are both different but have the same sort of attitude towards faith.

 I personally don't believe in God, I usually get told I have decided this just as an act for attention. But it is my decision. I just find it hard to trust in something that I just don't know about. I guess I need to learn a little bit more about faith. Many Lives, Many Masters is about reincarnation. It is a documentary type book. My mother told me to read it, as it had such a large effect on her. As soon as I started I couldn't put it down.

 I know believe in reincarnation, which feels nice and comforting to start believing in something. The Alchemist is about finding yourself and the journey you go on to do this. It has many useful phrases that after having read it, I could link with my everyday life.

They both have become so useful, when I am put into a tricky situation in which normally you would turn to God. I am now about to start 'Manual Of The Warrior Of Light' by Paulo Coelho. I have no idea what this is going to be about. But the idea that it could be as incredible as these two books has already got me excited. Below I will post a picture of the two books, well simply because I love pictures.

If anyone reads this, please comment and let me know what you think.

Jeffrey Campbell

So I told you on my last post, that I was lucky enough to finally get a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes which I have been wanting for so long. I think they will be so useful. And although I don't really have anytime to wear them at school, I am sure they will come in useful during the holidays. Here are some picture of the shoes.

Jeffrey Campbell shoes, All saints jeans.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Decision Time

So I have a ball up and coming for school. I have been trying to find the perfect dress for a while. I ended up buying two from Urban Outfitters (one of my favourite shops). Though I am still deciding which one to wear. I am preferential to the coral one. I was wondering if guys could comment, and help me make my decision. I also just bought some Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boots in Black Distressed Leather which I have been wanting for ages.

Pins And Needles Dress

Same As Above

Same as Above

Pins And Needles Dress

Same As Above

Same As Aboe

Vivienne Westwood Necklace

Low Luv Cuff

Same As Above

Same As Above

Jeffrey Campbell

 Sorry for the pictures being bad quality. Help would be much appreciated. By the way both dresses feature cut out parts in the back. I really wanted a dress that had some part of it cut out for some reason.


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Blog Love

I am completely in love with this blog;

It just shows everything I want. All the clothing. To be in Paris. To walk around, without having to care what you look like because it is fashion. I suggest anyone to look at the pictures on this blog and you will fall in love with everything on it. 

Monday, 12 March 2012

Polaroid Mix Up

Just downloaded this new app which turns photos into polaroids. As I have just got some film for my polaroid camera. I doubt my photos will turn out like these computer ones.

Hope you like.