Thursday, 8 March 2012

Spring Summer 2012

After trawling through the trends for spring/summer. I decided which ones most apply to me and I am going to concentrate on those. 

I love sheer and I love lace. I already wear many items of clothing that incorporate this fabric. So I am going to embrace it even more this summer. I know crochet isn't really the same as lace but I have these amazing crochet pants from which will be so useful. Blocking colour is rather easy just throw a bunch of colourful clothing together and you have it. I don't really do this though so would be good fun to experiment with it. And I need more colour in the way that I dress. 

I have so many earrings that are hoopy or dangly so I am going to try and wear this a lot with my hair tied up for maximum effect. I don't really wear skirts that often but when I do I love it. I am definitely going to try and embrace this and search for some more online. 

Then there are wedges. I much prefer these to heels for some reason. I also love shoes that just have a platform but your foot is kept completely flat. I have a black pair of these from that I wear.

I will post some pictures later of some of the items I have with me, unfortunately at school at the moment so this means there isn't that much, but I will try. 

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