Sunday, 22 April 2012

Shoe Frenzy

I went into Topshop in the attempt to make myself happy by finding something that I love. It is always hard with Topshop were I come from because everyone ends up getting the same thing, because there are mini trends that emerge in my school. So I went down to the shoe section and I found the perfect shoes for the summer, I loved them instantly. Of course there were so many options there also, I loved the whole metallic vibe going on, and there was probably around 7 pairs of shoes I would of really loved to have. 

These are the shoes and as you can see they are perfect for summer, with the wood and the fact that you foot is basically flat, the beauty of flatforms. I also found a dress which is loose and very comfy that I will probably use a lot. Unfortunately I have no photos for you of me in them as I had to leave home to come back to school. But I would suggest checking out Topshops shoes range at the moment. 


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  1. They're really cute! I wish we had a TopShop here in the States!

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