Thursday, 5 April 2012

Strange Tidings

I am sorry for not posting for quite a while, I have been rather busy. This week I have been down south to my granny's house. Which is always amusing and only half an hour from London which is rather convenient. So, as I am rather low on money at the moment my mother decided to treat us and each get us a nice item from Harrods or wherever we pleased really. Of course my sister leapt at this opportunity and nipped up a nice soft Joseph jumper. I having been dreaming of items from Acne recently decided to get a pair of jeans from there. There are dark but not black. They are not skin tight. I just love them. I spend a lot of my time in jeans, that are usually rather skinny. So it is very nice to get a change from the normal. I will post some photos of them soon, but currently I am wearing them. I have some photos of at my granny's and an outfit I wore to my sisters musical.

Hope you like.

Tophsop Heels, Brora Blouse, Cheap Monday Jeans, Tophsop Waistcoat

Same As Above

Topshop Skirt, American Apparel Cropped Roll Neck

Little Brother

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  1. i love your shoes! looks like a great day!
    now following :)