Thursday, 15 December 2011

Leather + Lust

I have an attraction towards leather. A large attraction. I value it highly as a material. It is harsh yet can look so so sleek. As a child and a daughter, I look up to my mother, and always have. As I have grown older I have taken a larger likening to the way she dresses. Leather is one of her favourite things. I love her leather all saints jacket, I adore it so much. This christmas I hope to get one of my own, that's probably why I have been thinking about leather a lot recently probably. I also saw this photo shoot in esquire magazine with bikers in it and I just loved everything that they wore.
Anyway here are a few of my favourite finds online.....

Enrique (I just love this photo)
I guess I also associate leather with lust, there are so many films in which it is associated with this emotion. 
So I am going to try and find as much leather as I can, well try. 

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  1. i love leather jackets! They can easily spice up any outfit and autamatically make you look stylish! I can agree with you about the picture of Enrique. ;)