Thursday, 1 December 2011

Shadows In The Dark

A shadow, the mirror image of your body. Only light and you can affect your shadow directly. It is very personal. Now, a shadow doesn't need to be something dark, where evil lingers, its one of those things where in a scary movie someone might talk to their shadow as if it was another part of them.

Jeff Hicks- St Laurence Church

Well it isn't. A shadow can be interesting and you can change it. That's why photo's are so amazing they can capture these shadows.

Now, I tried to find images that weren't just shadows that weren't just there, like the endless amounts of people waving at grass with their shadow there and think that it is the most interesting photo ever. Because I feel that the most beautiful images captured of shadows, are the ones you don't know are being taken. Or ones that are just so simple.

Hussein Chalayan

'Shadows of the Children' Klaus Simon 
Now, I tried to take some photos of myself creating interesting shapes with my shadow but I just couldn't manage to get the shadow with flash or other lights affecting it. Therefore my sister (most beautiful being in the world) had taken some on holiday that I think really show what she is not like as a person, and that is why they are so contrasting. 

They imply that she is all showy and vain, but really she was just interested in getting the shadow and the shape of her body, I really like the cream wall against the tiles, these photos were taken this summer at our house in Portugal, and they bring back memories, memories and more memories. 

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